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Discover the Versilia Coast in Tuscany

Versilia (LU) Tuscany
Marina di Pietrasanta Hotel King 3-stars

Marina di pietrasanta on the Versilia coast, we are in the upper part of Tuscany, where the arc of the Apuan Alps turns towards the sea to create this beautiful strip of green set between the sea and the imposing peaks..

Marina di Pietrasanta is a small pearl where you can take a nice walk in the pedestrian area, children's playground, ice cream shops, shops, restaurants, all family-friendly.

Tonfano beach near King Hotel.

Near Marina di Pietrasanta:

In the vicinity of Marina di Pietrasanta, however, you can find the ancient village of Pietrasanta, or the exclusive Forte dei Marmi, the splendid Viareggio... every day a new discovery.

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